Thinkpad Trackpoint

Every so often, someone asks me “why do you like using the little mouse nub over the touchpad?” Most people assume I’m some hipster who thinks touchpads are too mainstream and prefers the irony of using the input device of a 1970s IBM employee. In all honesty, the reason the nipple mouse is far superior over the touchpad is similar to why Vi(m) is superior to all other text editors (trollololol).

Home is where the Fingers Should Be

I absolutely hate moving my fingers from home row. Anytime I have to move my hand to use the touchpad, I cringe. My fingers hyperextend and my concentration is completely blown to shit. Alright, it’s a little dramatic, but it’s also very true. Anyone who uses Vi(m) understands my pain. We switch modes to manipulate text rather than point, click, drag, Ctrl-v, Ctrl-s, etc. Creating, saving, yanking, putting, can all be achieved with my fingers never leaving home row! So, what about applications that don’t have the handy command, insert, and visual modes (eg. web browsers)?

Nub to the rescue! Rather than move my finger 4 or 5 inches south of the keyboard, I simply move a couple of centimeters towards the center. Voila! Instant mouse control without having to leave home row. To click, I simply move my thumbs just a couple of centimeters below the spacebar.

Give it a Try

Now, I know this post seems very condescending, but I really feel like people don’t understand the power of the nipple mouse. If you are a Vi(m) user and enjoy the benefits of never leaving home row, I would suggest getting a laptop with the nub. I am fairly certain you’ll never go back to the touchpad!