Queue Do

When I work on my own projects, I like to keep track of the tasks involved in getting them done. I started by creating to-do lists in spreadsheets because it was quick, easy, and simple. Nowadays, I enjoy using Trello. After signing up and customizing the boards, I can visualize any project with a virtual Scrum board.

I created QueueDo because I want a simple task tracker that somewhat resembles a Scrum board. Also, I was bored and wanted to refresh my memory working with jQuery. With QueueDo, I can:

  • create a to-do list of tasks
  • track which tasks are in progress or complete
  • show which tasks are approaching deadlines

The web application framework of choice is Sinatra, since all I need to do is serve up some HTML and JavaScript. The “database” is the browser (HTML5 LocalStorage). The interface is jQuery UI.

You can find the code on Github. Have fun!